Best Ways To Get Angry

How to get unstoppable anger

Following Ways to Get unstoppable Angry


  1. Focus on the things that you usually let slide. If you want to get angry to get motivated and learn to use your anger for positive change in your life, it's important to go about it the right way. The easiest way to make yourself angry? Sweat the small stuff.

    • Your boss usually slams you with work last minute, just as you're about to head off shift? If you usually grin and bear it, let some anger creep in.
    • Your partner sometimes keeps you frozen out, being uncommunicative and cold? Don't sweep it under the rug and make excuses. Get angry.
    • Your friend talks about your other friends behind their backs, constantly tattling and spreading gossip? Don't ignore bad behavior like this.
  2. Always take it personally. The next time someone starts a sentence with, "Don't take this personally, but..." all you've got to do is refuse. Assume everything is a personal slight, or has an ulterior motive behind it, to let yourself get motivated.

    • Don't just look at words, look at actions. If someone talks over you constantly, or forgets your name, or decides to ignore you for some reason, assume ill intent.
  3. Focus on your own disadvantages. If you want to project your anger outward, one way of motivation yourself can be to blame circumstances. If you grew up in a working class home, use that to explain your inability to get ahead, and let it motivate yourself to work harder than those who grew up with silver spoon in mouth.

    • Also, stay focused on other people's advantages in the world. If someone went to a college you'd never be able to afford, use that to explain their success, instead of their skill. Stay focused on what other people have that you do not have.
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